On Saturday I played one of the hardest sports of my life, Zorb football! It looks like just a bit of fun (and it is) but no one told us it was going to be an intense workout too.

I think this picture sums up the way everyone was feeling about it. That pic shows 3 people laid out on the floor but I promise you there were more. The best thing is that this was after our very first go at it, 5 minute session! My heart rate was over 100 constantly, even when resting in between sessions and according to my watch I burnt about 800 kcal in the hour we were there with only 20 mins actually being play time.

If anyone is thinking about it for a laugh then I certainly advise it. It can be a little tough on the legs so my advise is to just curl up into a ball if you get hit and ride out the storm.

For anyone wondering my team won 4 nil 😀