Whats been happening…

It seems that I am getting further and further behind with the tales of my adventure at Christmas and to top it off I still have a whole different adventure in Mauritius to write about that I also need to get around to!

I figure the best right now it would be an idea to explain some current events and why I have not quite had the time to sit back and write more blog posts for my 3 or 4 adoring fans!

Things at work have been pretty hectic in the last month but in a positive way. We have just moved to a new location and are in the process of opening up a retail store. Now we already have 2 retail stores, one in Timaru and one in Balclutha but this will be the first one in Dunedin where the head office tends to currently focus on business customers. The reason for the move came about as we needed more room and if we were going to make a move we may as well do something big and get a place with our name on the wall where customers can actually see us.

The name isnt quite up on the wall yet but there has been a massive bit of work to get things moved over and to get the shop ship shape ready for opening shortly. I will not bother with any pics now as things are not quite finished but it is fair to say that it looks totally different to the shell we moved into a month ago. We have a new, large, engineering workbench, TV on the wall for monitoring, sales office and a quite impressive shop to add to the mix.

To say it has taken its toll a little would be an understatement! It has been very hard and long hours have had to be worked by all in order to keep doing our every day business while planning and executing a shop design and fit out all in the background. It feels great in the last few days as the display tables have some in and the centre space of the room has been filled up a bit and it now actually looks like a store rather than a big room with some shelving around the outside. More details here.

to be honest most of my time this last month has been taken up with work so there isn’t really much more excitement that I can share.

oh I did randomly bump into a friend from home a few days ago while at work. I was installing a new WiFi system at a hostel and saw someone walk up the stairs who I recognised and it just so happened to be Chris Goss, a friend from back home who came out to NZ shortly after I did but was living in Wellington. He hadnt even realised that I was in Dunedin and it just happened to be chance that bumped into each other.

I find that a lot about NZ and Dunedin in particular though. It just seems it isnt that hard to bump into someone that should be the other side of the world. I guess that is just part of the magic.


Bonus: The pic at the top if my car the other morning. Hope it makes all you Northern Hemisphere peeps happy to see that its nice and cold down here in NZ right now!

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  1. Looks like you have it all sussed!! Still miss your sexy face, love you so much love me n him xXx

  2. Hope you are still enjoying yourself despite all the long work hours. Your latest drawing is fabulous. Love you xxxxx

  3. Likl bit of frost, that’s nothing… We had it a bloody month ago! Although last night was so warm, being outside felt like being abroad.
    Hope you’re not following European news cause they’re rather depressing. Enjoy the work and the new shop if you have little time for anything else xx

  4. Glad to here your still busy with work. Wondered what you were up to with it being quiet on the updates. Love and miss you x

  5. Your Mum says that I am one of your adoring fans .
    Sometimes adventures have to take 2nd place to real life so work hard when you need to but don’t forget to include some adventures and let us know about them.
    Love Auntie Susie xx

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