I love mountain biking and for anyone else that does, New Zealand is certainly the place to be. Today I went for my first daytime ride to the Wakari Creek Trails and loved every minute of it. I have been to the trails twice before but each time was at night so although I had an amazing ride I was never able to take in the forest in its true glory. Today on the other hand, the weather was like a perfect summers day and the best possible environment for biking. At 16 degrees with the sun on your face it felt perfect since as soon as you duck into the trees the lack of sun cools you down and stops overheating through the trails.

The Wakari trails might not be that big (about 20 mins to get around one of the loops) but they certainly are really fun. Back in the UK I would have had to drive about an hour to find trails anywhere near as fun as this and it would more likely be a place I would end up staying for the weekend and camping out to just keep on riding without wasting time. Here I can leave my house, ride to the woods and do 2 laps around the trails before having a casual ride home and be done in an hour and a quarter. Someone who is actually in shape could probably do it all even quicker!

One thing I also stumbled upon was that by recording the route on my Fitbit using the GPS function it also stuck my data online and dumped it into an app called Strava. Strava has an awesome function where people have marked out set segments on maps and when it detects you riding through though sections it will then give your time a ranking based on how other people have done on it as well as your own personal best. What happened to make me quite giddy today was that I happened to do the same downhill route twice on the red loop and cut my time down from 1 min to 51 seconds. That might not seem like much but it made me quite happy with myself and now I at least have another goal to attack to see how fast I can get.

I really cant wait to hit the trails again and hopefully start making this a daily thing. I just love being out on the bike and hopefully soon my fitness level will reflect that.

3 Replies to “Wakari Creek Trails”

  1. I’m so pleased that you have taken to riding your bike in daylight!!
    I saw your Dad and bro on Saturday – they were going to the Rovers match.
    I was going to the match too (meeting Katie at the statue) Rovers got a win but they were very lucky! We need all the points that we can get.
    Have a good week and another adventure next weekend – your weather is getting better, ours is getting worse.

  2. Yeah the weather here is quite interesting. At the start of the week it was 28 degrees, the next day it was 10 and raining so you have to make the most of it as it comes 🙂

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