More adventures and lots of posts!

The thing that I keep promising and never quite delivering is to post more articles. It never seems to happen since as soon as I finish an amazing adventure I am suddenly busy with every day life and never get around to getting it done.

The thing is thought that I have loads of amazing stories to tell and things that (some) people might actually want to read so I guess I need to book my ideas up and get writing some more.

That being said, I write this while I have found myself on another adventure, this time in Mauritius for a few weeks, so anything I write is going to be a bit out of sync time wise by hopefully we start to catch up along the way.

Keep your eyes open are some more stories will be coming your way shortly starting with the adventure road trip that I went on over Christmas.

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  1. Thanks for touching base! I’m sure that we can wait a bit longer to read about your adventures so relax and enjoy your time in Mauritius with family and friends.
    love to everyone
    Auntie Susie xx

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