As you may have guessed, getting in touch with me over the next few months is going to be a little trickier than just dropping me a text or giving me a call so I have got a few little methods of contact for anyone wishing to reach me that doesn’t already have the info.

Most places that I am staying claim that they have an internet connection that I can use which will be a bonus and the main way of keeping in contact when im gone. Please dont bother to give me a call and leave a voicemail as it costs £1.50 to receive it so that isnt a thing that is going to happen often….. If at all!

You can get me on…

Telegram – iOS and Android App for mobile devices used for messaging similar to WhatsApp but not owned by facebook. Runs a bit quicker than WhatsApp and there is also an installer to use on the PC which makes it much easier to use. This is the best way to get in touch with me.

WhatsApp –  iOS and Android App for mobile devices used for messaging.

Skype – My username is afrodan_cs. Add me on there and feel free to message me or even video chat if I have the bandwidth!

Facebook – Even my mum knows how that one works!

Good old fashioned email – If anyone wants to email me then please feel free. The best address to get me on is


Update: As I am now in New Zealand for a while I do have a NZ mobile number at the moment. If for any reasons someone wants to give me a call on this number number is +64 22 379 1131

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  1. Mum also knows telegram and Skype. Getting quite technological you know. Even taught myself to send a photo attachment on telegram. No stopping me now xxx

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