Baby Steps

Its seems far too easy to get into a position where a simple task feels like a behemoth that we can never quite tackle. A position where what should by a 5 min job feels like it will take weeks out of your life and so should probably just be avoided all together. That is unfortunately what has seemed to happen to me lately, especially when it comes to writing this blog and doing some drawing.

From looking at time stamps and records I can see that I’ve not managed to publish anything onto my website or picked up a pen in nearly a year and I am finding it quite difficult to figure out a way to explain why. It is not because I have stopped enjoying those things or even because I’ve not had time, its just because I seemed to have gotten so far behind on things to write about and things I was going to draw that catching up seems daunting.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to adventures I’ve had more than I can shake a stick at in the last 12 months, so much so that I wouldnt even know where to start! Ive been home to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday, Mountain Biking with friends, hiking local trails, offroad driving, Jet Skiing, drone filming, ocean swimming, river dipping, lake front camping, new year drinking, hungover feeling, beach walking, star gazing and sunset watching… all to name but a few! Ive been to Mauritius, the UK and toured the south island of New Zealand a whole second time without a single word of it making it to this page and for that I am sorry. Im not just saying sorry to those of you who are following my adventures now and reading this shortly after I type it, I am saying sorry to my future self who has to hold onto all of these memories in his head as they were never comitted to print.

As anyone know me is aware, I do seem to love to talk and with that is also a love for the written word. I feel as if I have done myself a disservice by not taking the time to use that skill and start writing about all the things that Ive been doing in both the present and the past.

There is not going to be any specific or measurable order to the things that I start to write about as I think that dwelling on all of that is one of the reasons I’ve left this so long in the first place. Instead I am just going to pick a subject and write, nothing more. Of course I’ll add in a rough date if I know one so that someone can pick through and figure out a time line for all of my adventures but for now its a simple job of pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard.

Keep your eyes peeled… or don’t… either way is fine with me.

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  1. Never be sorry for the things you do, only for the things you haven’t yet done… Just do some more cool stuff and then make up for it on those things 😉

  2. I will tell my most vivid memory of the Mauritius trip. Actually two stand out. Gérard nearly getting us mauled by lions by leaving his mobile on (against explicit orders) whilst we were in the compound with them. The other is how much we laughed when Gérard kept telling Bobby ( the dog) ” Corner Bobby” and Daniel did his best Patrick Swayze voice to say “Nobody puts Bobby in the corner”. Gérard had obviously never watched Dirty Dancing and did not have a clue what was so funny. XXX

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