Anyone who knows me knows I love to talk. I don’t really know why but I can guess that its a trait I inherited from my mum and built on ever since. I do it so much that I have make a conscious effort to listen to make sure that the conversation isn’t always taken up by me telling one cool story after another without other people getting a word in edge-ways!

With that in mind, surely blogging should be something that I can’t get enough of… and for a time that was true.

I’m not sure quite what happened and I can’t really pinpoint a reason for the decline in my blogging escapades but I think life just got in the way a bit to often and then the longer that went by the harder it seemed to become to get back to it again. Looking back now I’ve realized that I haven’t written anything in over a year and a half and a lot has happened in that time,even before the madness that 2020 brought us. I do enjoy writing and I know there are at least a couple of people that enjoy reading what I’m up to (relatives are obliged like that!) so I shall try and make a point of telling some tales or “spinning a yarn” as its called this side of the world.

My aim in the coming months is to start to document some of the adventures that I’ve been on and sights that I’ve seen for my own posterity more than anything. Having this blog seems like the perfect thing to look back on when I’m an old(er) man and my memory starts to fade and just thinking back right now there have been some amazing times and lots of laughs over the years.

For now though I thought I’d start with a quick recap of 2019 which seems so recent but it already fading away. I started the year with a big move the to North Island of NZ and a new job in a new city (Hamilton) so big changes.

Along the way I’ve….

Started the New Year as Crew in the Kawau Island Yacht race.

Been on more Snowboarding Adventures

Been awake for some spectacular Sunrises

… and saw some beautiful sunsets

Welcomed some new little people to the world

…and spent time with old friends

Played with some toys

…Sometimes a little too hard…

Helped Build a cabin

Studied Sign language

Stayed in a Tiny House

And finished the year with a family Xmas and showing my mum and Scott around NZ

There has been so much more and plenty of times that I need to write about individually but I figure that it is better to write something than nothing so for now thats it.

Fingers crossed that I wont leave it as long next time!

10 Replies to “2019: A Year in Review”

  1. What a lovely photo album, Daniel.
    You’d better get started on 2020, we’re over half way through the year !
    Enjoy life, stay safe
    love A Susie xx

  2. Dan some amazing pictures & a great write up. Look forward to seeing & hearing more.
    Love to you both Sarah ( Troy’s Mum ) xx

  3. Glad to see your writing again dude. Should start one of my own for family back home. You will have to teach me to wev dev

  4. “telling one cool story after another”
    Is this personal opinion cuz?
    Good reading and I look forward to seeing more!

  5. Has you said life does get in the way especially when your happy, which is a good thing. It’s great to see your adventures through this blog and the pictures your post are amazing. Xxx

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