When looking at the information now, it turns out that I have not written anything on my blog for over a year. A lot has changed in that year, a lot has also stayed the same, but my love of writing or drawing hasnt disappeared so why does it seem that I havnt done any of either in so long?

The big problem seems to be that life and routine have gotten in the way of some of these things and then with everything, the longer you leave something, the harder it gets to kick start it again. Just looking at the draft posts in my blog right now I have 25 drafts of events and things that have happened that have never quite made it to full articles. Each one of them is an amazing time and a fun story shared with deer friends, many of which have now left New Zealand and carried on there adventure. Massive road trips, big holiday and exciting adventures all seem to be missing so people could be thinking that I’ve not actually done anything in the last 12 months but you would be mistaken!

My plan is to start writing again and hopefully my memory will serve me well enough to re-tell the tales after the fact with at least some degree of accuracy. Things are going to end up falling out in a bit of a random order so I will at least try and stick a tag on it for the rough date (for when the historians want the chronology of my life later!) so take everything with a pinch of salt that it might not have happened anytime recently.

I also plan on writing down some of the adventures that I have had with my friends over the years that might be worthwhile or funny to some. We happen to be getting older now (many married with kids) so getting some of these fun times documented before people forget it obviously a noble goal.

So in summary, here are some of the thing that happened in the last year that may eventually turn into stories…

I convinced 2 more brits to move to NZ
Said Goodbye to some friends
Did an EPIC high five!
Gained a Cat
Did some water sports
Ended up in Helsinki by accident.
Chased a Nephew and bumped into a cousin
Found a passion for Snowboarding
Saw old Friends
Visited England
Got my Blue Belt!
Found a Dog
Got some Loot!
Made a Fire
Played Beerpong at work
Went on a Yorkshire Adventure (in NZ)
Took some Photos
Made some Hats
… And then had a well needed rest.

Just looking trough all of the photos of the last 12 months has brought back so many memories and the start of hundreds of amazing stories. I best get typing some of these up!

7 Replies to “2018: A year in review”

  1. Yay so glad you’re starting writing the adventures down again, I’ve missed reading about them, they also make me feel like your still close by. 😘

  2. This is a great read! Pleased to hear you’re doing well and will continue your writing adventures 🙌

  3. How lovely that was Daniel, what a life but it makes us feel we are not that far away. Can’t wait to follow your journeys once again. Lots of love Dad & Shell ❤️

  4. That was great Daniel, we love to hear of your adventures so we’re so pleased your going to share them once again. Lots of love Dad & Shell 💕xxxxxxxxx

  5. Great photos and a wonderful round up of your year but you missed seeing me Scott Your Dad and Williams family lol. Just too much to fit in I guess. Love you xxxxxxx

  6. Well I did remember that I did come home and see everyone but since that was in 2017 it wasn’t listed in my 2018 review 🙂 x

  7. Thanks for the update Daniel. Your Mum lets me know what you are doing and it was good to “see” you at John and Fiona’s party. Keep enjoying life inbetween work. Also congratulations on blue belt ( your Mum didn’t tell me that ! ) love auntie Susie xx

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